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  • Olivier Millet

    Chairman, AFIC

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  • Agnès Nahum

    Chairwoman, Access Capital Partners

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  • Jean-Michel Six

    S&P Global Ratings, Chief Economist EMEA


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  • Arnaud David

    Partner, Goodwin

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  • Michel Chabanel

    Chairman, Céréa Partenaires

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  • Edouard Eloy

    Head of Product Offering - Private Equity - Real Estate - Securitization



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  • Jessica Sellam

    Private Banking, Rothschild & Cie Gestion


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  • Tarek Chouman

    Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, eFront

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  • Arnaud Laroche

    Partner, EY

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  • Philippe Higelin

    CEO, Flash Europe

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  • Jérôme Dor

    President, Cogepart

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  • Jérôme Hervé

    Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG

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  • Alain Rauscher

    Chairman, Antin Infrastructures Partners

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  • Frédéric Zimer

    Président, FPS Towers

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  • Candice Brenet

    Chairwoman, AFIC ESG Committee

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  • Guillaume Morelli

    Development Manager, EnterNext

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  • Louis Godron

    President, Argos Soditic

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  • Jean Eyraud

    Chairman, Af2i

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  • Yann Kandelman

    Head of Investments & Development,Orange Digital Ventures

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  • François Massut

    Head of Private Equidty funds, FFP

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  • Isabelle de Baillenx

    Vice President of the "Club des Fonds d'entrepreneurs", AFIC

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  • Michel Datchary

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  • Alexandre Mars

    President, EPIC

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  • Renaud Dutreil

    Former Minister, FTI Consulting Strategic Communications

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Program 2017

Building stronger companies in an uncertain world

9:00 am - A shared ambition: double the size of French private equity 

9:10 am - An economist’s viewpoint 

9:30 am - Building the companies of tomorrow 

10:40 am- Coffee break

11:10 am- Building a sustainable economic world

11:50 am - An attractive asset class

12:40 -  Keynote speaker 

13:00 - Lunch cocktail

Program details

2016 edition

Emmanuel Macron interview, CAIC 2016